Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Attack of the Giant Holyshit!

After giving up on the Urban Treasure Hunt last weekend One A Day stumbled across this brilliant solo exhibition by Zsolt Domsodi which is currently on show at the Gruzzwe gallery. The ever so subtly titled 'Attack Of The Giant Holyshit!' sees Zsolt mix together his love for illustration and the undead...
Zsolt draws inspiration from old B-movie posters to create his own twisted, grotesque artworks full of zombies, blood, guts, aliens and cannibalistic clowns. In another series of images, Zsolt depicts several adorable feathered and furry friends being tortured or dismembered - so the animal lovers amongst you should probably steer clear of this exhibition!

Zsolt graduated in 2010 from the KREA Contemporary Arts Institute with a degree in graphic design and has since been turning his talents towards video game design as well as exhibiting his works in and around Hungary.

To learn more about Zsolt and to see more of his work, head over to his official site

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