Thursday, 26 May 2011


István Csákány
The 2010 Grantees of the Gyula Derkovits Art Scholarship Review exhibition is in its final week at the Ernst Múzeum. Featuring 30 artists in total, the show features a vast array of creative disciplines and styles. In this installment One A Day will focus on the graphic design and illustrative work which was exhibited. István Csákány's piece 'Suspended' immediately catches your eye as you enter the exhibition. The woodcut piece is based on an old archive image of workers removing the 'Snake Killer' sculpture by Hungarian artist Pál Pátczay. The original image dates back to post World War II events when the statue, which was supposed to be erected in honour of Raul Wallenberg, a diplomat who helped to rescue many Jews from the Holocaust, was removed and hidden by the Communist government.

Anikó Loránt
Anikó Loránt's illustrations are wonderfully carefree and full of colour. Using both paper and wood as a canvas, the images are perfectly suited for children's story books. Anikó displays 8 pieces in total, the titles of which form a poem: 'There is no model for rationality, all the gods are laughing out loud,  how could they fit in when the sun does not need them to dance on a narrow fence.' 

Ádám Albert
'Find the key!' and 'RAF manual' by Ádám Albert were firm favourites at the exhibition. The Veszprém born graphic designer has earned scholarships in Rome, Munich and has won the ESSL art award - the Gyula Derkovits Scholariship is another impressive accolade to add to the list!

Beatrix Szörényi
There was also some typographic work in the form of Beatrix Szörényi's  Prophecy font chart. The font itself has been aggressively scribbled over and defaced making some of the letters almost illegible.

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