Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Inspiration for 2010: Numéro #109

As you're probably all well aware, Borders went into administration, and as anyone who follows my blog will know, that shop was my haven. I loved nothing more than going through the magazine racks, bundling my arms with as many copies of magazines and journals I could barely afford, finding a nice comfy sofa near the back ( the one near the CD's was always a good choice) then drooling and dribbling all over the double page spreads.

But, now, I have nowhere to go. Literally nowhere. There is one international newsagents in town, which has a limited selection..most of which are russian copies, which I can only really enjoy on a purely visual level, but believe it or not, I do like to read now and again.

So, it has come to this... reading magazines online. Not whole magazines mind you..just googling it and hoping someone has scanned in a page and uploaded it onto their blog. Alternatively, of course, I can just go onto the magazines website but that hardly makes for a dramatic tale of editorial obsession and withdrawl. Oh and I will be in London regularly and will be popping into R D Franks and Magma to get my fix, it's just a bit of hassle!

Anyway, I'm in love with the editorial spreads in Numéro #109 featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw by Miguel Reveriego. There are some amazing shots where Abbey has a huge unicorn's horn sticking out of her head, bloody genius.

Someone, please, donate their unwanted magazines to me...

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