Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sunday Times Style

An example of my skills in art direction, conceptual thinking, networking and organising photo shoots.

The campaign works on two levels:

1: The printed ad, featuring the origami pigeons 'escaping' from Style magazine

2: Interactive campaign where the intended target audience 'catch' the pigeons

The concept for the origami pigeons came from my experimentation with the magazine itself, where I tried to manipulate the paper and turn Style into a stylish object. This idea developed from trying to create garments and accessories through cutting and ripping and using collage to using folding techniques which ultimately lead to me using origami.

The pigeon motif if a bit of a tongue in cheek representation of the target audience and Style reader...pigeons being 'urban birds' which is exactly what the readers of Style are, urban, fashionable and discerning women (birds).

The birds act as messengers, bringing the latest style news direct to the target audience who in return complete the customer detail form on the inside of the birds wing and return to their newsagents to receive free copies of The Sunday Times to their door.

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