Saturday, 21 November 2009

Peffer Paint co

One of those 'bread and butter' jobs, doing adverts for the Yellow Pages. 

Peffer Paints wanted to update their current adverts, which had been pretty much the same for a few years.

For this project I mainly used Illustrator to create Vector graphics (which I found pretty hard as I have had no prior experience) as well as Photoshop to create outlines of the products, create shadows, reflections etc.

This job taught me a lot, and served as a lesson in how important it is to use the PHONE, as there were a few problems after the final designs were never received by the client (e-mail went a bit haywire) which was not brought to my attention until the day before the final deadline for Yellow Pages submissions...

I submitted two approved designs, however I am not entirely sure which one was chosen in the end as the new Yellow Pages hasn't come out yet

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