Wednesday 13 April 2011

A right royal interview with: Paul Collis

Paul Collis is a freelance artist / designer whose work is currently on show at My Big Fat Royal Wedding.  His prints, which are loosely based on the wedding, depict the  Eastend Pearly Kings and Queens in an urban, street art aesthetic. So what does Paul think of the wedding? Does he think it's all a load of 'Cobbler's Awls'? We asked him a few questions to find out:
What will you be doing on the day of the wedding?

Probably be in the pub, 'celebrating' at having a free day off, although I don't get paid for having days off so that's a bit of a double whammy...

Why do you think the Royal Wedding captures so many people’s imaginations?

It's like a great fairy-tale that people can actually be part of and say they 'were there' in 2011. People just like to be nosey and see what she will be waring, and no doubt start harping on and comparing the whole day to Lady Di. 

Best celebrity wedding of all time?

Cant say I've really seen or been interested in any.... boring i know! 

What are your predictions for the ceremony?

I hope it all goes well but I have got a funny feeling its all going to kick off, what with all the protests and cutbacks that are happening. I'm sure there will be a small minority that will try and make their own mark on the day, usually for the wrong reasons. 

What would you buy for the happy couple as a wedding gift?

I wouldn't waste my money I'm afraid. But they can buy one of my prints if they like!

Finally, how long do you think the marriage will last?

As long as the 'media circus' want it too last, Man I'm getting very cynical in my old age.

Check out Paul's blog to find out more

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