Friday 11 June 2010

Art Space Tokyo

While doing research for THREE books which I've got in the pipeline I came across this fantastic 'intimate' guide to Tokyo's art world. Introducing the reader to twelve of Tokyo's most distinctive galleries and museums, Art Space Tokyo captures the most inspiring creative art spaces which the Japanese capital has to offer.

Such spaces include SCAI a 1950's bathhouse reconstructed in 1993 into a gallery, Asakusa's Gallery éf which is located in a 140 year-old wooden warehouse which miraculously survived two vicious fires and the Aoyama | Meguro in Nakameguro.

Art Space Tokyo has a unique visual rhythm which is created through the absence of photography. Instead, it features graphic illustrations by Nobumasa Takahashi and Craig Mod, resulting in a book which flows more like a manga novel than a clinical city guide to museums.

If you're a fan of Japanese culture then this is a must-have!

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