Monday, 13 June 2011


I have a confession to make. It's something which I've tried to keep to myself for some time now but I feel like I really need to just come clean: I love cartoons.

I love cartoons so much you cannot even imagine! A perfect day for me is sitting on the couch, eating nothing but peanut butter covered bagels and watching Cartoon Network from 9am to 11pm. Sure, I could watch the news or I could watch something more 'informative', but why make myself depressed by current events when I can tune in to see Billy and Mandy torturing their best friend the Grim Reaper or watch Ben 10 save the world from aliens?

I'm just a big kid at heart really. So imagine my elation when I discovered that the Barbican are opening the most comprehensive collection of animation to ever be exhibited in the UK. Watch Me Move: The Animation Show will showcase the full range of animated imagery which has been produced within the last 150 years. Opening on the 15th of June, the exhibition will feature the work of such legendary animators such as Walt Disney, Pixar and Aardman.

Watch Me Move will give exhibition goers an incredible insight into the world of animation, allowing us to witness how the animation goes from a simple illustration to storyboard to finished film!


Watch Me Move: The Animation Show
Opens to the public on 15 Jun 2011 and runs until 11 Sep 2011.
More information can be found HERE

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