Monday, 13 June 2011

MODART Graduate Fashion Show 2011

There's a certain standard of showmanship which I've come to expect from graduate fashion shows.
Just take a look at the insanely over-the-top work of University of East London's Eliesha George or London College of Fashion graduates Kana Tojo and Yashin Kim for example. You cannot deny that these designers know how to put on a show - and you cannot deny the overwhelming excitement which courses through your body as you see these incredible garments come down the runway.  This is what I felt was missing while  I was watching the Modart 2011 graduate show on Saturday.
Modart perpetuates a certain standard of functionality and wearability which is instilled in the the students. They produce collections which are commercial and accessible and you could really see the pieces integrating perfectly into any woman's wardrobe. But, I just didn't feel like the envelope was being pushed far enough.  I think that when it comes to a graduate fashion show, you really shouldn't play it safe. At this time, every year, a sea of graduates emerge from education and you really need to do all you can to stand out high above the rest.

However, maybe these more 'down to earth' shows are more practical in the long-term for students. Sure, they can make a big neon leopard print Victorian gown and they can be called innovative, but it makes me wonder, do the art schools do enough to educate their students on how to make something which a modern woman would actually want to wear? Perhaps some of the colleges should take a page out of Modart's book and educate the up-and-coming designers in a more business-minded way.
Anyway, let's talk about the show! Each graduate presented a mini-collection of half a dozen pieces with inspirations ranging from Poirot to dungeons and there were a few surprises in the form of some adorable toddlers and a flock of pregnant models! 

One of the highlights of the show was Andrea Mezöfí who presented us with 'Waterway', a sportswear collection inspired by the experience of sailing - perfect for a summer spent on Lake Balaton! Andrea's athletic garments are made using water repellent materials in a range of neutral colours.

Anett Madar made all of our hearts melt when she brought out her petite models to showcase her collection of childrenswear titled “Szemőke”. Designed for girls ages 3-6, the collection draws inspiration from nature and natural forms and structures. The pieces are all romantic, whimsical and created using natural fibres.
Photography © Calum Ross 2011

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