Monday, 23 May 2011

Orsi Szemethy: Méla Madonna

One A Day popped along to the opening of the new Orsi Szemethy show which has just opened at the Spiritusz Galéria, Budapest. The show, titled 'Méla Madonna' sees Orsi walking the fine line between painter and graphic artist as she deals with the concept of mythological and biblical female characters.

Orsi takes classical motifs and compositions before recreating them in her own unique style. There is a naive charm to the images she creates, which appear more illustrative than painterly. The characters which Orsi creates are somewhat Disney-like with wide innocent eyes and pink, rosy cheeks. In fact, some of the characters bear an almost uncanny resemblance to the Disney adaptations of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty that you have to do a double take.

Orsi Szemethy was born in Budapest and studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts before embarking on studies in  Guatemala and Paris. She is now one of the Spiritusz Galéria's resident artists and is also part of the creative collective Metamor.

Spiritusz Galéria
Budapest 1012
Várfok u. 14.

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