Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 2 Budapest Essential Looks Highlights

Day 2 of Budapest Essential Looks offered even more beautiful collections from Hungary's best fashion designers. There were too many to choose from so we've whittled it down to a few of our favourites:

Es-tu un Ange opened the second day of fashion shows with their spring/summer 2011 collection.
Using a variety of natural fabrics, Es-tu un Ange's colour-minimal collection featured black and white floral prints, beautiful lace hems and puffy sleeves.
See my photos of the collection HERE

Konsánszky Dóra's latest collection Origin of White  - as the name suggests - is also very minimal in terms of colour. New Romantic-esque shirts complete with oversized cuffs and collars, paired with leather jackets collided with transparent fabrics and brassieres to create a collection which seemed at once androgynous and hyper-sexual.
See my photos of the collection HERE

Artista's collection of urban clothing was another highlight.  Their choice of playful accessories brightened up the collection. Butterfly and pegasus motifs were used consistently throughout, as were contrasting  prints.
See my photos of the collection HERE

Finally, we have Makány Márta and her fun and romantic collection. Her expertly crafted  pieces touch on many different sources of inspiration yet dance throughout the centuries seems to be the underlying theme. Flamenco and ballet dancers coincide with the apparel of Victorian-era regency and 1920's flapper girls. Although this may sound like a lot to take in, each 'look' in the collection told a story which made the contrasting pieces seem more cohesive. 
See my photos of the collection HERE


all photography © Calum Ross 2011

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