Monday, 11 April 2011

A right royal interview with: Annabel Johnson

With the Royal Wedding looming, we thought we would start asking some of our favourite creatives about their views on the 'event of the year'. It only seemed fitting that we would start by asking some of the artists and designers exhibiting at My Big Fat Royal Wedding. One such creative who is hankering for an invite is ceramics/graphic designer Annabel Johnson. 

What will you be doing on the day of the wedding?

I'm going to try and get up to London to see the procession, be part of history in the making.  If that fails I think I'll have an afternoon tea party and watch it on the telly - perhaps wearing a paper crown and a party dress

Why do you think the Royal Wedding captures so many peoples imaginations?

Perhaps because it's one of those 'once in a lifetime' events.  I think that every little girl has wanted to be a princess at some point in their lives and now here is the chance to have some link with the Royal Family - even if it means having your design on a tea towel!

Best celebrity wedding of all time?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton... both times!

What are your predictions for the ceremony?

I hope to see lots of large hats obscuring the view, someone turning up with the same outfit on as someone else, other than that I think it will all be perfectly divine and royal.  I'm still awaiting my invite!

What would you buy for the happy couple as a wedding gift?

One of my unique ceramic vessels obviously, adorned with pictures of them falling out of clubs into taxis, corgis, palaces and crowns to commemorate the Big day.

Finally, how long do you think the marriage will last?

Happily ever after of course!

You can lean more about Annabel Johnson by heading over to her official website or her blog

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