Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Big Fat Royal Wedding

East End Prints are taking residence downstairs at MAIDEN on Shoreditch High Street in celebration of the upcoming nuptials of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

The exhibition, appropriately titled My Big Fat Royal Wedding, will feature a selection of affordable prints and original artwork based loosely around the theme of the Royal Wedding. Helen Edwards, director of East End Prints tells us more:

 "The opening night will be busy with our transvestite Queen unveiling new street art by Rich Simmons, plus the Pop-Up-Choir will also be there singing the wedding march."

"I hand-picked the finest artists to work with," continues Helen. "Some are from my own publishing company and some of the work comes from new submissions that have recently come in.  I love their work, sense of humour and creativity  - that’s why I work with them!"

Amongst the talent on show is ceramics designer Annabel Johnson. “[East End Prints] is a humorous take on the wedding of the year! There are lots of satirical tongue in cheek references - I don't think any of us have taken ourselves too seriously!" In one of her pieces, Annabel recalls every young girls dream of becoming a Princess by quoting lines from Cinderella alongside silhouettes of the future King and Queen with a corgi at their feet.

Freelance artist Paul Collis will be showing three of his prints which depict the Pearly Kings and Queens of London celebrating the Royal Wedding in a bold street-art style. "The Royal Wedding is like a great fairy-tale that people can actually be part of" Paul tells us. "Also people just like to be nosey and  see what she will be waring, and no doubt harping on and comparing the whole day to Lady Di."

Not all the pieces on show reflect the theme of the Royal Wedding in such literal ways. Graphic artist Dale Edwin Murray explains the reasoning behind his tasty-looking typographic print:  “When I was thinking about what to do for the show it occurred to me how Royal Wedding hysteria is a typically English phenomenon. So I decided to do a piece that centred around 'Englishness' - and what is more English than the 'Full English Breakfast'?"

188 Shoreditch High Street,
E1 6HU

Show runs until 3rd May.

Opening Times 11-6pm

More info at the East End Prints Website

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