Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ádám Dallos @ BumBum

Last Thursday we popped along to BumBum for the opening of 24 year old Hungarian University of Fine Arts graduate Ádám Dallos' first ever solo exhibition. The young artist explores the themes of gentleness and strength through a mixture of homo-erotic imagery and paintings of wild animals set against an unrealistic baby-pink background.

There is a real sincerity in Ádám's work which is endearing. Some of the male couples depicted in his paintings connect tenderly with each other and with the viewer, often meeting and holding our gaze as they stare out from the canvas. 

While 'gay' subject matter may not raise too many eyebrows in the West, it is still considered a bit of a taboo in Central-Eastern Europe. Therefore, we at One A Day applaud Ádám for being so forthright about the subject of same-sex relationships and we hope to see more 'queer art' making its way to the mainstream in Hungary.

For more on Ádám Dallos head over to his official website

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