Thursday, 6 January 2011

One a Day - Top Blog Posts of 2010

Thank you to everyone who has been following this blog for the past year. Things have really picked up recently  and I'm really excited about what 2011 will bring! Personal highlights have been covering the Budapest Design Week and Arts Fair, interviewing film director/Lady Gaga collaborator Kathryn Ferguson, meeting ARTSthread editor Katie Dominy and publishing 10 for 2010. Let's  take a look back at what you lot have enjoyed reading the most these past 12 months.

After publishing an interview with Dougald in Amelia's magazine, I posted a follow up article, this time concentrating on Dougald's experiences as an entrepreneur. Dougald has had an amazing year - from publishing the Dark Mountain Manifesto, hosting the Uncivilisation festival, speaking at the PSFK conference and converting the Brixton Arcade into an incredible creative space with the SpaceMakers. Dougald also had the pleasure of being my mentor back in London and he introduced me to some amazing people. Keep your eyes peeled for Dougald in 2011! Read more over on his official website
The LCF organised and curated this fantastic exhibition @ Rich Mix in Bethnal Green which celebrated the past 10 years of night clubbing in London's hottest clubs.

I posted this photo-article during Budapest Design Week the night before I was invited to Paola Navone's private party at Roomba. Paola mixes innovative and sustainable materials (such as recycled leather upholstry) with classic design to produce beautiful, timeless pieces of furniture.

My last post for and my first article written during my brief stay in London. The DIY Kyoto workshop was really fun and it was there that I met Asli who would later illustrate my Dougald Hine interview for Amelia's magazine.
Howkapow! Interview with Cat How 

I only posted this a few weeks back and its already had enough hits to get into the top blog posts of the year! Howkapow is a brand new creative agency/online shop featuring some of the hottest new talents around.

Part of my photo-diary of the Budapest Arts Fair, the installation - featuring strange Daft Punk-esque figures- has truly been capturing your imagination!

I met Janet by chance one afternoon whilst strolling around Edinburgh's New Town and impressed with her wonderful ceramics studio. In the run up to the Adam Pottery Christmas weekend I interviewed Janet to learn a bit more about her practise and what kind of work visitors could expect to see.

My round-up of the annual contemporary Arts Fair written for featuring the work of artists from the Spiritusz and Varfok galleries.

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