Wednesday, 15 December 2010


We're very excited about new online creative venture Howkapow. Founded by husband and wife team Cat and Rog How, the shop/creative PR agency acts as a springboard for emerging designers from all creative backgrounds. 

Since the official launch they have been keeping busy setting up shop at Christmas fairs across the UK, popping up at the Somerset House 'Poundshop' and Bristol German Market as well as receiving nods from The Guardian and Venue Magazine. 

Creative Director Cat How tells us more:

What is your background and where did you get the idea to start Howkapow?

I initially trained as a journalist and worked for Metro for a couple of years after I finished uni. I then moved to Australia and retrained in graphics, coming back to start a two-year MA at Central Saint Martins which I  completed this summer. Throughout this time I sold my jewellery at artist markets in London and Melbourne and not only liked the idea of working for myself, but of being able to showcase the work of the new and emerging talent that I came across every week.

When I was at the artist markets, I was struck by how few of the designers either had online shops or knew how to promote themselves. They had great work, but no one knew about them. Howkapow sprung from this really - we wanted to create a platform for new and emerging designers to showcase their work. Our shop works as a financial support for the designers, while our agency offers PR advice and guidance on how to work with the press.

How do you see the brand evolving?

We want Howkapow to grow to a point where we can then afford to open some physical shops around the country. We want to do this so that we can then organise exhibitions for all our designers, and start to look into collaborations. We also want the agency to expand so that we can offer designers a more complete service overall. 

How did you choose your designers?

As our focus is on new and emerging talent, many of our designers are recent graduates - quite a few from my old college, Saint Martins (like Eleanor Meredith), but also from the Royal College of Art. We spent most of the summer traipsing around graduate shows and design festivals - we felt it was important to meet as many of our designers in person before taking them on. 

Describe the work available on Howkapow:

Bright, colourful, original, unusual, affordable and well-made.

How can other designers become involved?

By having a look at the site, seeing if their work fits - and then emailing me! 

Finally, what would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?

Um, the sensible (and mind-numbingly boring) side of me would a laser printer, some studio lights and a bike basket. Crap. But obviously the glamorous side of me would have to say two return tickets to Tokyo with a stop off at Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Yum!

Visit the Howkapow store now @

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