Monday, 18 October 2010

Business Card; Modart Art and Fashion School by Calum Ross

The Budapest French Institute opens its doors to lovers of fashion and visual communication as Mod'International and Ecole d'Maryse Eloy unveil the work of their most recent graduates from the Modart Art and Fashion School and the Visart Academy of Arts. In the first of a two-part review of the exhibition ARTS thread takes a look at the collections of the schools most promising fashion designers.

Dora Abodi's M'Amour pret-a-porter womenswear collection is romantic and whistful, full of handcrafted details  pleating and ruffles galore. The pieces, which draw inspiration from medical corsets and fixing rails are produced in different shades of powder and skin tone. Accompanied by luxurious hand-bags, the collection has already received excellent press and industry reviews after it was presented in New York during Nolcha Fashion Week.

Enikő Horn's Construct collection is inspired by the rigidity of Constructivism and the Soviet Union. In order to express the strictness of the Russian regime, Enikő uses a mixture of dark blended fabrics accompanied by large, heavy lacquered surfaces and coats which she cuts using geometric patterns.

Márk Kiss' Remixed and Revisited womenswear collection is full of bright, vivid colours and unusual shapes. Kiss takes traditional pattern cutting templates and conventional garment forms before 'remixing' and 'deconstructing' them for his ready-to-wear collection.

Márta Vámosi creates stunning silhouettes with her Architecture Gloss collection. As the title of the collection may well suggest, much of the inspiration is drawn from modern urban landscapes as well as crystals and minerals. Vámosi's structured pieces are made of various materials with contrasting textures - gloss, matte, creased and opaque - in a sophisticated palette of blacks, whites and greys.

Nikolett Ábrahám shows us that children can be just as stylish as adults with her fantastic Cirque collection. Produced for children aged 3-5, this playful collection of clothing inspired by early 20th century circus performers will make any child wearing Ábrahám's garments the envy of the playground!

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16th October 2010


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