Monday, 18 October 2010

AMI Degree Show by Calum Ross

A selection of the best 2010 BA (Hons) graduate design projects from the University of West Hungary's (AMI) Institute of Applied Arts go on display at Museion No1 as part of Budapest Design Week's spotlight on emerging talent. ARTS Thread takes a look at some of the work on show.

Tünde Vagra's 'Aurora' book publishing identity and cover design concepts for their pocket book series immediately caught our eye. Vagra makes good use of vintage stock photos juxtaposed with hand-drawn and digital illustrations alongside bold cartoonish typography.

Diána Egri's graphic identity for 'Balaton Crépe Parlour' plays on the intrinsic relationship between food and sex. Like Tünde Vagra, she takes vintage photography - in this case of 1950's pin-up girls - and replaces the models head with a piece of food, giving the phrase "she looked good enough to eat"  a whole new meaning!

In a similar vein Aliz Krisztina Borsa has also produced a graphic identity for the fictional 'Ms Borsa Piteboltja' (Ms Borsa's pie store) using exceptional hand-rendered typography. In contrast to the illustrative style of Aliz Borsa's work, Milán Farkas sticks to contemporary digital type for his redesign of 'Galaktika Magazine'.

It wasn't all graphic design and illustration at the show though, there were some exceptional product design pieces on show as well. Most notable was Anett Mester who has turned a traditional asthmatic inhaler into a stylish 'must have' design object.

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9th October 2010

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