Saturday, 9 January 2010

Inspiration: Elephant Magazine part 2

My first attempt at doing one handed filming with my mobile phone would look better if it werent for i-Movie chopping off the bottom of the image...

Elephant magazine contents in order:

Part 1: Meetings
Ideas, Personalities, Cultures

Fernando Gutierrez by Marc Valli*
Peter Saville by Dan Crowe*

Part 2: Research
Forecasts, Movements, Styles

Sticks in the mind by Richard Brereton
Make Pop-Corn Online
Universal Everything
Image, Time, Data: The work of MInako Abe
North Wave
Bike Polo by Andrew Todd
Language Breathing
The Void Light-Box
Exclude Nothing, Say Nothing
Let The Images Do The Talking

Part 3: Studio Visits
Canvases, Papers, Screens

Not Embarrassed, Not Bothered, Not Afraid
Good Sense, Bad Technique
Scene In The Woods..
Graphic Painting

Part 4: Economies
Create Your Own Economy

How To Start A Publishing Company by Marc Valli*

Part 5: Cities
Creative City Guide

Sampa: Things to do in Sao Paulo
Tuca Vieira
Juggling With The Traffic
Sao Paulo Showcase

The case study which documents Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook starting their new publishing venture Unit Editions is a particular 'page turner' (hate that phrase..but had to use it) which covers choosing the name to the business side of things, marketing etc and the scary internet retail giant Amazon (which many argue is the main cause for the disappearance of book shops from our highstreets).

What I find truly aspirational about this magazine is the fact that it openly documents the process of creating the magazine, there's no mystery surrounding it. It's this complete transparency which makes the editorial style have integrity. It's refreshing to read a magazine that talks about other magazines as well because so many other's (I wont name names) are like little Islands..nothing exists outside of the publication.. I suppose that's the nature of the industry.

Elephant has a strong mix of experimental typography (Bike Polo, Gutierrez interview, Universal Everything) and solid compositions designed by Matt Willey from Studio8 Design, well known for its editorial and book designs. I first became aware of Studio8 from the work they did on MAP magazine.. a magazine I actually never bothered reading until towards the end of last year (I think the first issue I saw had such a boring cover I never bothered, but it's gotten a lot better over time) and you can see little design trademarks in both of the publications eg. fully justified typography and letters with the kerning so wide apart you could drive a truck through the space in the middle.

Look out for an interview with Marc Valli by Millie Ross coming soon to

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