Thursday, 24 December 2009

Iris Wakulenko's Two Way Love: Interview

One last interview for 2009. Documentary maker Iris Wakulenko's recent collaborative set of short films "two way love" was created partly in Kyoto and in London and looks like a beautiful short piece. Hopefully I will be invited to the premier screening, however in the meantime, I can make do with the dvd showreel she sent me. The look of this interview isn't quite how I imagined, as I thought it would purely be an embedded film at the top. Certainly would have chosen some other screen grabs, however, it's up to the powers that be - my fault for not specifying particular screen shots/scenes I suppose. Ah well, it's a good interview, I felt sad when I edited down the part where she defines love, the original manuscript is a good few hundred words. Gave me tingles reading it though, was very sweet. 

Read the interview Here

Click on this LINK  to watch the advert for "two way love" 

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