Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Feasts Of India Book Launch

Confirmation of the official launch party for Mridu Thanki's Feasts Of India:

Will be held on 12th December @ McEwan Library, McDonald Rd, Edinburgh.

For those who do not know, Feasts Of India, by Mridu Thanki and Jaggnath Publishing, is a vegetarian cookery book which I have been typesetting, doing layout for and designing in collaboration with Sandra de Matos a French/Portuguese Illustrator. The concept of the book is interesting- rather than full colour, glossy photography of the dishes, the entire thing is hand illustrated, with images influenced by traditional Indian folk art. The reasoning behind this bold decision is so that those who read it get more involved in the PROCESS of cooking, rather than concentrating on the image in the book (which is varnished and quite frankly doesnt even closely resemble what you produce), which in a way takes away the enjoyment of cooking as you try too hard to make something perfect like in the image..resulting in you getting just a bit stressed out. So, in that sense, this is quite an original cookery book..and at roughly 300 pages long, its a beast!

The book was sent to India last week to be bound and printed and should be with us towards the end of the month

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