Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Annabel Johnson Update

My interview with Annabel Johnson has been upgraded to home page feature now people. Check it out. Annabel is getting good press these days and hopefully will be writing about her again in the future. Ceramics to me is a bit of a forgotten art form, perhaps that's just due to the fact I've come from Edinburgh College of Art where ceramic design and pottery isn't widely advertised, it's a bit of a niche for sculpture students or product designers, so seeing Annabel get so much attention is great.
If anyone wants to have a look at my ceramic designs just go to the bottom of my mother's garden where I believe they are covered in weeds..

Check out Annabel's blog to see what she thinks of the whole malarky by going --->Here<----

**UPDATE**  It appears some hasty editing has been done on my Annabel interview after an article about a certain Turner Prize winner has been featured alongside it.. oops! Ah well, I'm sure I'm not the first person to make comment on Mr. Perry's original dress sense..

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