Sunday, 4 September 2011


After a long, art deprived August, the creative season kicks off again in Budapest. Last night I went for a much needed fix of graphic design at the opening of the brand-new Forrai Ferenc exhibition at Műhely.

The Műhely a petite new cafe and gallery which has just opened in utca in Buda, which is just a stones throw away from Batthyány tér. The opening night saw friends and family of the owners as well as a handful of graphic design (and wine) enthusiasts cram into the cosy venue to view the latest work of designer Forrai Ferenc.

For the exhibition, Forrai has produced a series of wine bottle labels featuring some clever visual puns and bold graphic identities including some Bauhaus inspired Pinot Noir, a Bikavér bull made from drops of blood and some amusing 'front' and 'back' bottles featuring an abstract depiction of the naked female form.

Catch the Forrai Ference exhibition at the Műhely kávézó és galéria, 1027 Bp., Fő utca 49.

Go HERE to see a video of the exhibition preparations.
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