Saturday, 25 June 2011


Local Hungarian fashion designers unveiled their latest recycled clothing collection 'Upcycle' at the Printa Akadémia.

The sustainable clothing line was created using unwanted textiles which were then turned into one of a kind garments. The old fabrics included secondhand jeans and old cotton t-shirts which were cut, dyed and re-invented by local designers Zita Majoros, Kriszta Szakos and Julika Works.

The collection for men and women also featured original prints created in the Printa studio and accessories designed by Emese Dobos, Anett Hajdu and Sára Gulyás. The colour palette featured a lot of neutral shades of grey accompanied by pastels with the occasional block of bright red and purple.

The fun, intimate, salon-style show gave the audience a unique 'close-up' view of the collection as the models made their way through the various rooms in the Printa cafe and gallery, interacting with on-lookers and staff members.

The show also celebrated the launch of Printa's Pest, and illustrated guide to Budapest's urban hot spots. (Check out my twitter page to see more pictures of Printa's Pest.)

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