Monday, 30 May 2011


Pop City Trash, an exhibition showcasing the photographic work of Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe has just opened in the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest. Featuring selected pieces from his Urban Jungles, Elegantly Wasted and Scenes In The Key Of Life collections, the show is a must see for lovers of 21st century Pop Art...

A self proclaimed 'street artist without a street' and an 'accidental photographer' , the post-modern aristocrat captures contemporary urban lifestyle in a vivid and simplistic way. In Urban Jungles and Scenes In The Key Of Life, Hubertus is seen trapped within his own images. The photographer captures his reflection in the shop windows and shiny advertisements which seem to consume him. There is a voyeuristic edge to many of these images due to the suggestive nature of the content and the way Hubertus often crops himself just slightly 'off camera'.

Images from the Elegantly Wasted collection explore how the waste of society can be considered as chic and fashionable. Piles of trash are captured in a glamorous and exuberant way turning them into works of art.

For full details head over to the Hungarian National Museum website
all photographs © Calum Ross 2011

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