Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Baby Boom! - Somorjai Kiss Tibor

Graphic artist Somorjai Kiss Tibor’s latest exhibition at the Bártok Galéria - F+É+N+Y+S+T+Á+C+I+Ó+K , has really got us thinking. ..

The bulk of his work - a series of glittering, embrionic  images with baby motifs dotted around the compotion - can be viewed in one of two ways:  The first is that these are images depicting destruction and loss of innocence.  When viewed from largest to smallest, these images seem to depict the tale of an overpopulated society (represented by the floating babies)crumbling in on itself, sucked down into a deep, black hole.  

Alternatively, one could read these images as an affirmation of life. A celebration of man’s discoveries in the universe surrounding us, the progress we’ve made in discovering the origins of our own creation and a salute to the future generations who will continue this research. The spherical shape in the centre of the composition could easily be a planet or a cell - the bright bursts of colour indicating the changes in the molecular structure as an infant develops in the womb.

Accompanying these images are a series of photographs tracing the artist’s footsteps through the seasons – further exploring the exhibition's underlying theme of ’movement’.  As the artist walks through the autumn leaves into the winter snow, we see how the world changes and develops and how man leaves his mark on the environment. 

What do you think Somorjai Kiss Tibor's work means? Leave a comment below!

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