Friday, 14 January 2011

Drinking and Looking At You

A combination of art and music marks the opening night of José Rizo's Drinking and Looking At You exhibition.

The evening, held by art historian Kristina Kovacs in the D2 Galeria, introduces the latest works of  native Mexican artsit José Rizo. Accompanied by the music which inspired his paintings, the artist invites the viewer to 'live' his paintings, rather than just see them. 

"This is a quite special moment for me", explains José "After many years, I am painting again... In the past years I have been struggling in a fight against all kind of ghosts and demons, leading me to this "chapter" of my painted autobiography."

As the title of the exhibition suggests - many of the acrylic paintings on display are inspired by the artists experiences in dark, smokey underground bars. Indeed many of the paintings have a slight 'beer goggles' effect, appearing somewhat hazy, and hallucinogenic. We really feel a sense of the painter's intoxicated self trying to peer through the cigarette smoke with blurry eyes at the women dancing around him.

José's previous architectural background is also evident in the structural shapes of his three-dimensional pieces and in his more abstract pieces, which somehwat connote preliminary architectural blueprints.

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