Friday, 26 November 2010

Ceramicist Annabel Johnson acquires studio space in Leigh on Sea

In a recent chat with One A Day, Annabel Johnson revealed her exciting plans for expanding her creative practice

"I've just bought a shop in Leigh on Sea Essex - a trendy type part of Southend. Well, it's Leigh on Sea, not Southend, but you now what i mean... I'm gonna gut it out and turn it into working studios and a gallery"

This is a highly ambitious investment for the 24 year old artist and surface designer who practises under the pseudonym Miss Annabel Dee*. 

"At the moment, I feel like it's a total pipe dream! Every time I go there I'm like 'it's not gonna work!' but chin up ey! Fingers crossed it'll all be done by summer next year"

So what inspired her to establish her own studio? And what plans has she got for it once it's up and running?

"I just have this great idea of making a - I dunno if you call it a collaborative or organisation or whatever. The studios are fully functional in the back and then we sell the work in the actual gallery. I want to try and keep on 'ceramics'  and I'm gonna contact this years grads to see if they'd like to rent out the extra space."
Annabel is currently in the process of developing her latest collections 'Publand' and 'East End Memories' for the East London Design Show. More details at the official website.

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