Thursday, 30 September 2010

Seven Stations

Predrag Todorovi is currently exhibiting 38 of his works at the Zikkurat Gallery in Budapest.

Using a variety of techniques and materials such as coal, slate, wax and pen, Todorovi creates swirling, vortical structures of light and dark. Not content with drawing on flat surfaces, Todorovi also scratches, engraves and embellishes common objects such as a knife, pipe and loaf of bread with his distinctive patterns.

Amongst the 38 pieces on display are a few new works created specifically for the exhibition. Drawing inspiration from the Zikkurat, Todorovi has forged a unique partnership between his work and the gallery space.

"Zikkurat is, symbolically, a meeting place of the human the timeless," explains Todorovi. "The Zikkurat Gallery has seven rooms at sevel levels, which is not a coincidence. My intention was to transmit the symbolism of the possible ascent in human life from the primary material level... up to the seventh level - eternal life."

Seven Stations
Zikkurat Gallery, Budapest from the 19th September to 26th November 2010.

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