Friday, 24 September 2010

PSFK London Highlights

PSFK  gathered together an eclectic mix of creative minds to present their work to an exclusive audience of industry professionals. Held in the Unicorn Theatre just a stones throw away from London Bridge, the event cherry picked a selection of local creatives who's work explores innovation at intersections between the fields of art, design, branding, retail and technology.

The day long event included inspiring dialogues from the likes of Dan Hon, Usman Haque, Dougald Hine, The Wilson Brothers, Riitta Iknonen, Katrin Baumgarten and Thomas Thwaites as well as presentations from PSFK's very own Piers Fawkes, Kyle Studstill and Jeff Weiner.

A broad range of topics were covered in the event from the future of gaming to the art of becoming a living nylon, however, of the many talks which were given that day the following trends/themes were of significant interest:

Re-thinking public spaces

A topic covered by both Dougald Hine of Spacemakers and The Wilson Brothers. Hine is responsible for re-invigorating a disused Arcade in Brixton and turning it into a thriving, bustling creative centre for pop-up shops, small business start-ups and art events while The Wilson Brothers challenged the preconceptions of a retail space, turning a Nike pop-up shop into a community area. 

Creating mass participation on a global level through digital devices

Exploring the paradoxical structures of collaboration and the ways these paradoxes can be harnessed, Usman Haque talked us through his past projects Open Burble, Primal Source and Reconfigurable House as well as the recent Natural Source project.

Re-considering the way we interact with design items

Whether it's a lightswitch which oozes slime or an item which squirms at the slightest touch, Katrin Baumgarten explored disgust and its possible use in the technological age while Thomas Thwaites made us realise the true cost of a electrical items with his hand made toaster. Built from scratch, the house hold appliance built on the Argos Value toaster blueprint (retail price £3), Thomas completed the project in nine months, racking up a bill of £13,000 in the process!

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