Saturday, 12 June 2010

ECA degree show 2010: Graphic Design

Some of the highlights from the Graphic Design show at Edinburgh College of Art included:

Tom McWilliam's innovative use of IKEA pencils. I for one am guilty of hoarding quite literally thousands of these pencils at home (most of which seem to have turned black - but as long as there's lead I refuse to part with them!) so it's great to see the free stationery being used in a different context. To view the video which accompanies the piece then go to Tom's website.

Yukari Yoshime's Dream Type - a swirling typographic projection which is reminscent of the kind of bedtime toy you used to have as a child. Accompanied by a book, Yukari's piece encouraged viewer participation as we peer through the hole in the wall to see the dream type in action.

Funda Cevik's writing beauro, adorned with typography crosses the boundaries between mixed media installation and a traditional graphic design degree show space. Pieces on display included the sequential collage books which explore the concept of 'narrative' and a photochain image which pieces together images taken on a Smena Symbol camera.

For more about the Graphics Show then check out the official site!

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