Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Uncivilisation: Dark Mountain Festival

UNCIVILISATION is not your average festival. The gathering, which takes place in Llangollen this bank holiday weekend, is the first big event from the gang behind the Dark Mountain Project. Over three nights, it features a musical line-up including Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, folk legend Chris Wood and Heathcliffian crooner Marmaduke Dando. But the festival also describes itself as "a training camp for an uncertain future", bringing together writers and artists, engineers and craftsmen, psychologists and improvisers to share skills and ideas for living through chaotic times.

The weekend also sees the launch of Dark Mountain: Issue 1, the first full-length book to come out of the project, a collection of essays, stories, poems and images produced by writers and artists from around the world, responding to the original manifesto. Does all this talking and poetry really have a serious contribution to make to how we handle crises like climate change or economic collapse? Perhaps that's something that only time will tell. But it should certainly make for some interesting conversations this weekend in Llangollen.

I really wish I were going, the whole thing is organised by my mentor Dougald Hine who is a very influential and philosophical thinker (makes you wonder why he was paired up with me haha) but sadly I simply cannot afford the trip.

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