Monday, 3 May 2010

Grand Designs Live

Another very hectic day traveling the length and breadth of London in 12 hours, trying to pack in various meetings at opposite ends of the city. I survived though and was perfectly punctual, as always.

I stopped off at ExCel to meet with Rita Parniczky and Belgin Bozsahin (two of the featured artists from my book 10 for 2010) to lend a helping hand and discuss ways to promote my book at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition. 

Grand Designs is huge - and I don't mean just in the sense that the exhibition space is massive ( I got severely lost trying to find the toilets) but in terms of its reputation as being THE trade show to be seen at. Voted as Consumer Show Of The Year, GDL is a mixture of cutting-edge design, interactivity and general eco-friendliness.

Rita and Belgin are both very excited to be displaying their work at such a high profile event and I myself am waiting with anticipation to see how the public reacts to 10 for 2010!

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