Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Future of Publishing with Calum Ross

Yesterday I travelled to Brixton Village — also known as Granville Arcade — a 1930s indoor market in South London to meet my newly appointed mentor Dougald Hine.

Named as one of The Independent's Hospital 100 list of the most influential figures in the UK creative industry, Dougald is founder of Space Makers Agency, a project which rethinks spaces which we spend our time as well as co-founder of The Dark Mountain Project.

It was a great meeting, and I'm glad our official meet was cancelled, as I feel that had we been in the more formal setting of a function suite with dry sandwiches and bad wine, we may not have discussed or developed any of the ideas we came up with in such a short time.

Already he's introduced me to some brilliant people and given me a new word -

collapsonomics, n.

1. The study of economic and state systems at the edge of their normal social and economic function, including preventative measures to avoid destructive feedback loops and vicious cycles.

2. A consulting practice based on the scientific and historical understanding of collapse conditions, and responses to them.

(PS. for those of you who read my blog but don't know what I look like - this photo is terrible and is not a good representative of my stunning features - I don't normally look like Lee Ryan crossed with a goblin from The Labyrinth who's sucking a lemon)

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