Thursday, 8 April 2010

Dialogues @ Patriothall Gallery Friday 9th April

An exhibition of new work by Karen Lyons and Rachel Maclean entitled “Hatchings” presented as part of ESW’s Dialogues programme. 

You may recall Maclean's work from her recent absurd and ever so slightly erotic show "Going Bananas" at the Market Gallery in Glasgow, for which she explored the complex identity of the banana, resulting in some truly ridiculous digital composite video pieces. For "Hatchings" Maclean alongside artist Karen Lyons, responds to the myriad symbolic readings of the egg, exploring the notions of shape-shifting and metamorphic identity. 

Alluding to supernatural and mythological narratives, the egg exists in a state of flux; an origin and emblem of birth, life hatches from its temporal form, allowing both sweet and sinister meaning to repopulate its empty shell. Although responding to this common interest, the collaboration exploits an unusual fusion of two very contrasting aesthetics. Combining Karen’s organic materials and abject forms, with Rachel’s use of mass-produced objects and digital space, the exhibition injects a curious viscerality into the saccharine, rose-tinted kitsch of a shop bought Easter.

For those of you who'd like to see some of the weird and wonderful work of Rachel Maclean then make sure to be there this weekend! Details below

Opening: Friday 9 April, 6pm-8pm
Opening daily: Saturday 10 to Tuesday 20 April, 12am-6pm
Artists talk: Sunday 18 April, 2pm 

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