Friday, 16 April 2010

Adam Pottery Spring Collection

Curator and studio director Janet Adam was kind enough to give me a guided tour of the Adam Pottery last weekend at the opening of the gallery's spring collection. Once a working bakery, the space is now a functioning ceramics studio, home to Janet (who founded the space in 1983) along with five other ceramicists. Adam Pottery presents a mixture of contemporary, cutting edge and traditional works of art - all of which were made entirely on the premises. A selection of the exhibition's highlights included:

Fiona Thompson 

Edinburgh College of Art graduate Fiona Thompson produces hand-build, non functional vessels. Paying particular attention to the surface of her ceramic pieces, Thomspon explores narratives through use of photography and type. Her recent collection 'Souvenirs from behind the scenes' comprises of two groups of pieces informed by her research undertaken on trips to Philadelphia and Calgery. Exploring the themes of tourism and the significance of photographs and souvenirs, Thompson intends to evoke the viewers memories and experiences of travel.

Lara Scobie 

Exploring the dynamic interplay between form and pattern, Scobie integrates a cohesive amount of illustrative and mark-making techniques in the production of her porcelain and bone china pieces.  Produced by hand, her imperfect elipses echo the finely drawn surface patterns which are inspired by botanical plant-life.

Chris Donnelly

Also treating ceramics as a canvas for illustrative and graphic work, Donnelly's work is decidedly "macho" in comparison to the more ornate, fragile pieces which typically populate ceramic art. 

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