Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Expanding Your Creative Opportunities

When making the initial transition into the world of freelancing, one question will no doubt be plaguing your mind "How do I find work?" Signing up to a recruitment or artist management agency could prove to be the most likely route to produce successful result

My first article for Everycreative.com went live today, so do follow the LINK to check it out. It's full of advice for those of you who are considering signing up to a recruitment agency or are looking for a creative agent. 

For those of you who are not yet familiar with EveryCreative, here's a bit of info

What is EveryCreative?

1. Everycreative is the definitive platform for the ever growing creative industry. Everycreative brings the design and creative community closer together using dynamic Internet technology to assist and elevate what is essentially a diverse and vibrant industry. Creative people can achieve work experience anywhere in the world by presenting portfolios online, whilst creative companies can also source the right person for their specific needs.

2. We aspire to converge the creative industry, from music production to Art and digital media. Everycreative endeavors to allow talented designers the opportunity to gain employment on both a freelance basis and also within established design agencies.

3. Everycreative, is Inspiring minds, from the bedroom designer, producer or artist, through to large companies and institutions with extensive portfolios. Everycreative is a network that allows all of these people to inspire each other.

4. Our team is positive about working with creative people and is proud to create a new, dynamic and friendly community online. We look forward to the interaction between all those that have joined and provided feedback, as well as those who will arrive in the future.

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