Monday, 18 January 2010

Meeting Mike Abraham

Down in London for the day, handing in hard copy of article and photography for the Halo article on graduate opportunities at CSM, I've only just found my way back to Holborn, two hours after leaving Abrahams office, where I'd been invited for a coffee and chat with company director Mike Abraham.

I first met Mike back in the summer when i was a part of a brainstorming group who were coming up with the identity for a new graduate event (which later became Futurising) and was blown away by the innovative way he generated ideas. Abrahams is a brand design consultancy who provide strategy, brand identity, communications, print, signage and project management and have many clients from small to large businesses. They also curate events and designer breakfasts and self direct their own artist books, so I was rather excited to be invited to chat with the director!

Turns out I was a day early (although I'm sure we were meeting today) so I caught him a bit unawares but thankfully he still had time to speak with me. Got some valuable advice, learned a lot about him company, and earned a few cheeky hints on how to build my network. Shot myself in the foot a bit by not bringing my portfolio, so should really upload more of my work to this blog asap!

So there could be possibility of an internship there in the future, who knows?

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