Saturday, 5 December 2009

Alistair Hall Interview

I've been branching out from "Ones To Watch" into the "Advice and Education" section of Jotta this week and have quite a few interviews lined up with various industry professionals. This week it's with We Made This Ltd. director Alistair Hall who's company specialises in 'delicious' printed design. His award winning book covers are worth a look at and his We Made This blog is fantastic. Fact: In my college sketchbook I have images of some of his work (who knew I'd be interviewing him but a year later?) and for some reason I thought that he designed the Raw Shark Texts cover. He didn't. Have a perusal of my interview on, got some great quotes out of him, he's a really open and honest guy to interview. Frank, but with good humour, the kind of person it's always a pleasure to question. His personality shines through in his answers and you get a real feel of what We Made This' core values are.

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