Saturday, 21 November 2009

Scotland On Sunday

My work placement at the Scotland On Sunday was a true learning experience.
Not only was I gaining new skills in using Quark and Photoshop, but was able to see, first hand, how the creative team at a mass media publication operates- they work HARD.
I was pleased with the outcome of my time spent there as I had several of my spreads published in the At Home magazine as well as in the Review (got my name credited as well, which is a bonus as many people dont even get so much as a thanks on their placements). A lot of my photoshopped images were used as well for the editorial content throughout the main newspaper and the supplementary magazine.
Although I found the workload almost too much to bear at times, I feel that now that I have a lot more experience in the software and am more confident in my design abilities that if I were to go back, I would be able to handle some of the pressures a lot better than I did.

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