Sunday, 29 November 2009

Inspiration 29th November: Mix

Mix, another International trend journal, is specific to textiles. It was one of the ones I placed further down the end of the table when I was organising the pile Tim had given me from Bad to Good. This is a bit of a mixed bag of successful and some pretty shocking editorial design and spreads. When you understand the target audience ie textiles industry types, you begin to appreciate, I suppose, the nature of the design a lot more. Theres lots of colour, lots of pattern, just lots in general.

To a textiles designer, this would probably be very appealing... but to moi, the graphic designer, the boy who's room at home is stark white all over with some carefully placed black can tell I'm gagging slightly at the mixture of clashing gaudy colours on some of the pages.

here as some things I like from Mix:

"we're writing about textile trends..this page is about houndstooth and herringbone..why dont we make the typography have a houndstooth pattern on it?' Clever boys and girls!

Actually, its the typography I really like, its the arrangement and the hierarchy on some of the spreads which really let it down...

Here are some things which I dont like:

Was this spread done for a GCSE level exam? No good

Ok, this one works, I understand the use of colour, the images etc. but it's like a sponsored fit on paper... this is just personal taste here kicking in now...

Tim used to have a hand in this one..perhaps if I draft a few more relevant articles or interviews they could be a potential publication (alliteration alliteration!) to send my CV never bloody know do you?

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