Thursday, 12 November 2009

Blogging About

As part of my contract with Jotta, I've been managing the content of the Immersion blog, as well as contributing to the editorial content for the online magazine. As a person who's had numerous blogs, from the humble beginnings at Livejournal to the ever so innocent Sex Diary on Benrik, it seems fitting that I should be getting paid to blog. There's something exciting about it, sharing your opinion with so many and influencing them, merely through a couple of big pictures and a minimal amount of text, also getting to promote up and coming artists is something I love being a part of. Whether or not I start turning the Jotta/Immersion blog into my own platform for shameless self promotion, I think a lot of good will come out of it, as I am already beginning to present myself as a bit of an art and design 'expert.' The more you have to say on a subject, the more people will begin to respect your point of view (whether or not they actually agree with what you say is an entirely different matter).

This post is just to say that I'm going to begin a weekly 'blog spot' post, finding some of the most interesting opinion points on the net and sharing them with you. After all, what's the point in having information if you don't share it?

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