Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Unlucky for some, especially me. It is 7.26am at the time of writing and I am on board the 5.50am National Express East Coast train to London Kings Cross. This morning when I awoke to the sounds of pelting rain on my window, I knew the day was off to a bad start. Queue a string of morning disasters such as dropping my razor in the shower, running out of brown sugar, missing my bus to the train station and having my hands stained black by a pair of £1 gloves I purchased from a gyspy store, and you can imagine I'm not particularly in the best of moods. I was obviously having a suitably rubbish day when I did this layout, as my scissors must have been cutting wonky or something...

Update: I am now on the train home and have realised I booked the wrong train, I should have been on the one three hours earlier and have just been fined £171. The bad luck continues

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