Thursday, 29 October 2009


Welcome to one a day, my blog dedicated to the art of editorial composition and layout.

Since a very young age I have been obsessed with printed media and journalism, hand drawing my own comics and selling them to class mates in primary school, designing and contributing to my high school magazine, enrolling in Napier University's Reach For The Sky Journalism program at the age of 13, before studying at Edinburgh College Of Art where I gained my BA (Hons)in Visual Communication, specialising in editorial design.

As part of my course at Edinburgh College Of Art, i was required to produce one compositional layout everyday, but sometimes I would find myself creating ten to twenty different compositional collages every day. This obsession with editorial hasn't stopped since graduation, and even though I have many other projects on the go, I dedicate twenty minutes of my time each day to do what I love.

With this blog I will also be posting the work of other designers in magazines which I find inspiring and also pieces of my own work which I have created since becoming a freelance designer.

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