Thursday, 29 October 2009

Inspiration: October 29th

Territory Volume 10. If anyone knows how much this magazine ACTUALLY costs, please let me know how much money I've saved, as the poor confused girl at Borders couldn't find the bar code (clue on the back cover) and gave it to me for a mere £4. Bargain? Or, have I been majorly ripped off? Volume 10 adapts the frame of the widely known Ten Commandments theme, with such life lessons as 'thou shalt remember to give others a break when you've gotten a break'. Wise words indeed.Art directed by Vvhy Yip and Jacky Low, Territory Volume 10 is possibly the best smelling 'magazine' in the world. But, one can't help but think of Madonna's mylar wrapped SEX book when you turn to the inside cover...

..or maybe that's just me

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