Monday, 1 February 2010

Jotta: A collection of articles written by Calum Ross

I spent the weekend compiling my written work to date for, resulting in this, Jotta: A collection of interviews and articles on: fashion, product design, textiles, ceramics, fine art, graphics, craft, sculpture, communication & photography written by Calum Ross.

Yeah, it's not the snappiest name in the world, can just call it Articles for Jotta what Calum went and wrote for short. Even that sounds a bit long.

Anyway.. I developed the idea after trying to figure out how exactly to display my written work to prospective clients or employers in a way which was visually appealing without just handing over printed word documents or screen grabs.

Featuring interviews with up and coming creatives such as Cherry Hurren, Annabel Johnson, Jaime Antonio Leme Jr. and Iris Wakulenko as well as interviews with established creatives, spotlights on creative cities and reviews, the book will continue to get larger as I build up a larger writing folio.

Oh, and this isn't made for any sort of commercial gain - just incase any of you who I've featured throw a hissy fit because I've used images of your work - it's purely for my portfolio.

(All work by my interviewees/subjects have been fully credited with a lovely little © sign by the way)

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